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Author Topic: Redline Race of Champions event!  (Read 1134 times)
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Redline Danny
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« on: May 07, 2013, 12:08:59 PM UTC »

Hello dear SR drivers!

After having a lot of fun with you guys during the Fox Friday events and especially after that.. I would like to invite you all to The Race of Champions :)

I would like to welcome you all at The Race of Champions!

I got this idea to build a layout which has basicly the same meaning as the true excisting Race of Champions. This means the track (Fernbay) is split in two lanes and has a intersection without any unrealistic jumps or bumps. With all the testing we have done so far it is really unlickely people will hit each other at the intersection. It hasn't happened during races yet.

Both drivers will each start in a different lane and will be driving the left and right lane equally often. So far I have noticed battles are really really close and often end in a photofinish, it's great to watch and drive.

Will you remain cool under great pressure? Are you fast over just a couple of laps? Can you reach the top of the schedule in the end of the event? Than YOU should participate in The Race of Champions!

Therefore there is an event coming up! The Race of Champions knockout!

Important: Signing up is required!

I have to make a schedule so that's why signing up is required. You can sign up by posting a reply on the LFS forum, see the link here:

You can take a practice run on Redline Racing 10. Scroll down for more specific information.

The Race of Champions knockout event
  • 11th May 2013 (Saturday)
  • 20.00u. CEST
  • Server: Redline Racing 10
  • Car: LX4
  • Fernbay Race of Champions layout.
  • Signup required.

The procedure
At 20.00u. CEST the official event will start. From there on we will have a qualification, this qualification is used to set up the most competitive battles. The duration of the qualification depends on how much people sign up to the event.

After the qualification I will have try to have the most honest schedule ready for every driver. Every race will be driven by only 2 drivers who are competing at that time, this means we will going to have a winner and someone who lost. Don't worry a single loss doesnt mean you are out of the game!

There will be two race leader to control the race and make sure the correct people are on track, it still depends on how much drivers will sign up for the great battle whether we have to ask everybody to join teamspeak or not. If we use teamspeak it will only be used just to inform the driver, drivers don't have to answer. So people without a microphone can join. You will soon be informed about this matter.

You are able to practice on the Redline Racing 10 server. On saturday there will be time to practice before the official event starts.

For more information send me a PM or just ask Redline Danny on the tracks.. :)

Now we hope to see you all Saturday at The Race of Champions!

Redline Danny.
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Redline Danny
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Oops, I'm terribly sorry i forgot to announce that we have no possibility to argue about whose fault the little touch was bLb :D

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