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Author Topic: SR with strong season finale in GT2WS 2011  (Read 4678 times)
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« on: November 13, 2011, 06:34:04 PM UTC »

New Dimension Racing and meh Racing organized the first ever non-amateur league that only used the GT2 class. We signed up one car unlike some other teams  (like SAVAGE SimSport or CoRe Racing) who were starting the season with two teams.

For the season start, we were heading to Aston International - one of three Open Configurations used in the calendar. Practise and organizing were handicapped  by the LFS UK Kart Meet which several SR members visited. Hence it were Felix and our Young Brazilian Guilherme Ribeiro taking over responsibility to  represent SR's colours. Due to missing qualification, we had to start from the pit lane. SR was up to 11th position before we suffered a disconnect half a lap before the finish and losing six places in the end result.

Next venue was Westhill International reversed. This time Felix was supported by Sami who would join the team after a successful trial period later. Also this race wouldn't go like we hoped for: Already at the beginning we were hit by the FXR of FastForward Racing. Also Felix being forced onto the grass by LLL's  Iivonen leading to a spin across the track when Team Vires's car couldn't avoid us. However, we were getting a disputable Stop&Go penalty for this incident  which lost us another place and we finished in seventh position.

We arrived now at Blackwood Historic and started from 6th on the grid due to penalties for two teams in front of us. Sean started the race, but with hindsight it would have been better if he hadn't, as soon everything was going wrong - we received two penalties for incidents during the first hour. We were way down the order and in the end  managed to crossed the finish in 15th position after Sami took over the car for the final hour.

At Kyoto Grand Touring we tried to get a better result than in the last three disappointing races. This time it would be a completely German line-up with Felix and Sascha driving for us. Nothing much happened during the race, hence we finished where we started - in fourth place.

The season finale took place at Southcity Long reversed - a track which is well known amongst the drivers. Qualifying didn't go as planned for us without due to not practising properly. However, we quickly made up positions after being involved in a start collision ahead and we were consistently in 2nd position after 3id suffered a technical disconnect. Sami and Sascha were not matching their practise pace from their one and only practise stint, but it was enough to secure  the best season result for Sonicrealms Racing.

Overall, that meant we're in fifth position in the points standings - 87 points behind champions My3id Gaming. Also Congratulations for the runner-up LowLandLions. A nice sidenote for our team: We were the team with the 2nd most points in the last two races. We thank all drivers who made it possible that  we were on the grid in every race of the season.

Drivers' Comments:
Sascha Riegler: "There's not really much to say from my side, as I've only competed in the last two races. Kyoto Grand Touring and Southcity Long reversed were circuits from which I already had a quite good knowledge and thus didn't need to practise that much. Altogether I'm confident with the results, because we achieved the best result possible in the last two races."

Sami Anttonen:

Additional Links:
• NDR GT2WS 2011: Final Standings
• NDR GT2WS 2011: Round 4 Qualifying Lap
• NDR GT2WS 2011: Round 5 SR Race Highlights
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Great finish to the season guys, and great report as always Sascha. Maybe add your youtube video to it aswell?

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Nice one! I'd like to see the video too :P

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I've posted the links now as tinyURLs in the text as the forum always converts any YouTube link into a preview window. :P


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