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Author Topic: LFS Hotlap League 2010 Information  (Read 1420 times)
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« on: February 17, 2010, 07:07:29 PM UTC »

You will score based on your final times at the end of the two weeks.
You will score for each car you drive.


Simply enter our server called Hotlap League and set a time with the available cars. No signups needed at all.


This year we will be offering a share of a cash prize fund, split between the top 20 drivers who have donated at least £2. The total prize fund will be split like this - if we get £210 in the fund, then 1st gets £20, 2nd gets £19, all the way to 20th who will get £1. If we get more or less, the money will be adjusted accordingly.

500 Servers are sponsoring this league and have generously offered free server packages. The top 5 (1st-9 months, 2nd-6 months, 3rd, 4th and 5th-3 months) 2 lucky dips (3 months) and another for most improved driver (3 months) will all win free server packages if they have donated the minimum amount. So in total £316.18 of servers packages are to be won, this is in addition to the cash.

The total prize fund will be displayed live on the Hotlap League page. Also, all donaters will have the amount they stand to win displayed next to their name in the league table. Click either of these links and it will take you to the donations page, which will show you exactly the amount each driver has donated. This will ensure total transparency for all parties. The time limit on donations is by the end of event 4.


1. No cheating - No bump drafting or normal drafting is not allowed. We will find out and ban you, so please play fair. We will monitor the server 24/7 via remote and we will save all replays. Any times set that are questionable will be investigated and the driver banned from the league if setting a time that they do not report as being invalid. If you set an invalid lap, either beat the time or report it yourself. All drivers are expected to report any driver they see cheating. We will also be using Airio's PTH cutting check. << Click to see maps of correct path.

2. Respect other drivers - Respect blue flags and take care when exiting pits. If you are on an outlap, get off the track completely if someone on a hotlap is approaching. Anyone caught wrecking will be banned.

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